Case Study

Ideating Web3 & ESGs for a multinational electric utility company

Facilitating a 2-day Use Case discovery workshop for an electric company and Blockchain experts


A large energy provider, was interested in promoting sustainability and engaging its community through a new solution, but they weren't sure what to build. They decided to partner with a team of Blockchain developers and decentralization experts, to execute on a Use Case. Loominate was brought in to facilitate an innovation workshop between the parties.


The specific Use Case was yet to be discovered and defined, and the teams needed alignment to achieve their common goals.

Workshop Goals

Loominate was brought in to facilitate an innovation workshop to help discover and define a Use Case. The workshop involved all key stakeholders and used several design thinking frameworks and activities. We used Miro, a remote online collaboration tool, for the workshop. The goal was to moderate conversations and idea generation, align stakeholders, and assess the common vision.


Over the course of two days, the teams brainstormed many use cases within topics like Bio-Regeneration, Web3 Crowdfunding, and Tokenization.

The workshop agenda for day one included lightning talks from experts in the room, open discussion, How Might We questions (turning challenges into opportunities). By the end of the day we had narrowed the use case ideas down to three. So that by day two the agenda consisted of a decision making around the success criteria for each Use Case, and a decision on which one to continue exploring. The final concept was an NFT-powered Sustainability Marketplace, incentivising innovators to share value-generating ideas, get validation, rewards, and be further built upon by the community. For this Use Case we did SMART objectives, stakeholder analysis, empathy map, Use Case canvas, next steps, and feedback.

During the workshop, Loominate facilitated discussions between the stakeholders, encouraging them to generate new ideas and approaches to meet the project goals. We used empathy mapping to help stakeholders understand the perspective of their target users and stakeholders. The use case canvas was used to structure and prioritize the ideas generated during the workshop.


The final outcome was a solid Use Case for both teams to build upon, with a clear plan of action and SMART objectives to achieve their common goals. The Sustainability Marketplace concept, powered by NFTs, was innovative and highly incentivized, providing a solid foundation for the team to build on. Loominate was proud to facilitate this successful Use Case discovery workshop, and we look forward to seeing the final product come to fruition.

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