Desert Foothills New Horizons Band

Phoenix, Arizona

Founded in 1995, the Desert Foothills New Horizons Band is a non-profit organization which encompasses players at all levels of musical ability. Some are complete beginners; others have not played an instrument since high school; still others have played all their lives. No auditions are required to join, and members come from all corners of the Valley.


This opportunity offers an exciting challenge for seniors to expand their musical knowledge and skills under the direction of Ron Phillips is a retired music educator and was chairman of the Music Department of Grand Canyon University.

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

- Victor Hugo

From time to time small ensembles get together to perform as and when a specific need arises. We even have our own solo and ensemble festival for those brave enough to share their talent. For the more

adventurous, there are workshops and camps where musicians get the chance to travel to picturesque parts of the country, to meet other New Horizons members and to expand their musical experiences.